World cup dreams?

Credit: jonboy_mitchell Flickr/Creative Commons

So, I’m all prepared for the football world cup. Before you start picturing the England shirt, scarf, flag, crates of beer and family-sized bags of football-shaped crisps, I’ll tell you that my world cup goodies instead consist of The West Wing and Mad Men dvd boxsets and some lovely bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon…I can’t wait!

With the world cup fast approaching (it kicks off this Friday, apparently), I’m reminded of my mum’s top sleep tip: watching the football. Whenever my dad is watching a football match on tv, my mum is guaranteed to nod off. She says it only takes a few minutes of football for her to start feeling sleepy. Like me, she’s not a huge football fan, but at least she’ll be getting plenty of sleep this month!

I’d love to hear about your top sleep tips. If you’ve got a special trick for helping you to drift off more easily, then please share it. Just comment in the box below…


  1. I find leaving the radio on a talk station such as 5 live really quietly helps me drop off. It stops my brain engaging too much when I am falling asleep and also when I wake up in the night…..

  2. I can’t do without earplugs. Without them I am constantly worrying about every little noise I hear in the house and wondering what it might be! I also like candlelight before I go to bed, it smooths the transition between electric lights and full darkness and if you get a nice scented one it makes the room smell fantastic!!!

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