Showers forecast for this summer

Not this kind of shower….fingers crossed…Credit: laffy4k Flickr/Creative Commons

Well, the sunshine continues to shine on England…I love the sunny weather, but after a full day of working in my oppressive, airless little flat yesterday, I was feeling horribly hot and grumpy. Hmmph!

Even “Mary Queen of Shops” (one of my current TV favourites) couldn’t lift my mood. I shifted uncomfortably on my sticky leather sofa and sulked. By bedtime, I remained clammy and cranky, not in the slightest bit sleepy. Taking a leap of faith, I decided to try one of the Sleep Geek’s tips for sleeping on humid nights such as this: a bedtime shower. The rationale being that a shower helps to lower body temperature, which is one of the cues to your body that it is time for sleep.

My lukewarm shower was lovely. Cooling, cleansing and soothing – I didn’t want to get out. It even washed away a little of my bad mood; I was certainly feeling less agitated as I clambered onto my bed.

Sadly, my fresher, cooler skin didn’t last long in my muggy bedroom. But, with the additional aid of my Chillow, I was able to drop off to sleep without too much trouble. Zzzzzz.

My conclusion: Wind down and freshen up on hot nights with a lukewarm shower before bed, but plan additional means of keeping cool all night long.

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