When size matters….

Mmmm, I love my bed. I could happily live in my bed, it’s that lovely! Not only is it soft yet supportive and super comfy, it’s also big! I like having space to move around, and my king-sized beauty gives me room to wiggle and turn, without jabbing my other half in the ribs each time I roll over.

Whenever my other half and I voyage up north to keep the parents happy, we’re forced to downgrade to a double. And, inevitably, our sleep suffers. Too short for my other half’s 6ft 4in frame and too narrow to breathe frankly, a double just doesn’t cut it for us.

It’s not just me being a princess. Studies have shown that couples sleep better in a bigger bed. In a press release for the Sleep Council in 2004, bed expert Jessica Alexander says “Before trials only 15% said they would buy a larger than standard bed while afterwards, 50% said they would”.

And it’s not surprising that a double bed can reduce restful sleep when you learn, as I did recently, that sleeping in a double bed with your partner provides each of you with only slightly more space width-wise than an itty bitty cot mattress! Fat chance of sleeping like a baby, then!

If you’re thinking about buying a new mattress, check out the Sleep Geek’s handy guide, by clicking here. And don’t forget my top tip: size really does matter!

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