Fighting with my pillow

Oh, what a lovely pillow!

Hello sleep-lovers, I’m back!

Apologies for my mysterious absence. My little disappearance can’t be excused, but I should at least tell you what’s been keeping me from writing over the last few weeks…..For starters, we’ve got lots of exciting projects on the go here at We Love Sleep Towers, that I’ve been diligently beavering away on (details of which to be revealed very soon). I’ve also been busy preparing for the arrival of my adorable Frenchie puppy – only 9 days to go until he’s nibbling on my toes! On top of this, my other half and I are saying cheerio to the bright city lights and moving to a house (yes, a house!) in the sticks, and so giving our puppy extra furniture to chew on! And, oh – I’d almost forgotten it already! – I’ve also just returned from a brilliant holiday to Stockholm and the Swedish archipelago.

Which brings me onto the topic for today’s post: my super-comfy, snooze-inducing, silk pillow (pictured, so you too can see it and worship it’s loveliness!).   My love for my pillow isn’t new, but after a few days away from it’s plump, soft, squishy support, I have a new appreciation for it.  After 5 nights of fighting with a hard, flat, lumpy pillow, I’ve come home with more than a packet of  salted liquorice – a stiff, sore neck.

The problem pillow, that I begrudgingly shared my holiday with, showed all the signs of a long and exhausting life – flatness, hardness and lumps. For those of you who are lucky enough not to have experience of this, tired and worn-out pillows don’t provide the necessary support for the neck and spine and can aggravate back and neck problems (no kidding!).

It’s funny how such small things can affect your happiness. Having to cope with an uncomfortable pillow for just 5 nights turned the pleasurable experience of sleeping into a painful one, and turned me into a whinging old bag. Now that I’m reunited with my precious pillow, I am, of course, back to my usual lovely self – god help my little pup if he tries to sink his claws into it though!

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