Could this be the solution to end the duvet tug-of-war?

On our recent trip to Stockholm, my other half and I enjoyed a night in the über-cool Lydmar Hotel. Described as “quite simply the finest hotel in Stockholm” by renowned travel magazine Condé Nast Traveller, it (mostly) lived up to my expectations:  stylish and relaxing, in a fantastic, central location and with a fabulous bar. As always, though, my attention was focused on my sleeping environment: the bedroom. Relaxing decor? Check. Dark? Check. Quiet? Check. Comfortable sleeping temperature? Check. Big, comfortable bed? Check. One thing was unusual though: two single duvets on a king-sized bed. How strange!

This is not something I’ve come across before, although apparently it’s not unusual in continental Europe for couples to each have their own duvets. In fact, a quick internet search led me to an English-speaking German website, where Brits abroad were pondering where to purchase a double bedding set in Germany. It seems it’s not an easy task.

Further internet browsing turned up an article in the Daily Mail from March this year, entitled “Battle for the bedclothes boosts single duvet sales”. The article reports that: “Bad manners in bed have caused three-quarters of Britons to consider leaving their partner….Hogging the bedclothes and other offences, known as poor bediquette, has also caused the sales of single duvets, which usually sell less than doubles, to soar by 41 per cent.” I’m clearly out of touch.

If you think about it, it’s actually very sensible. Having your own duvet allows you to be in control of your sleeping environment. You get to choose your perfect duvet (which is ideal if you prefer a heavier / lighter duvet than your partner) and when to snuggle the covers up to your chin or throw them off you. It also prevents your bed-mate from hogging all the covers, leaving you cold, grumpy and considering decamping to the spare room.

But….ah, there’s something romantic about sharing a duvet together. It’s difficult to snuggle up to your partner, or warm up your cold toes on his toasty ones, if there’s a duvet barrier between you. For now at least, I’m letting my heart rule my head and sticking to my king-sized covers.

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