Happy New Year! Happy New You?

I’m sorry, it’s been a while!

Firstly, happy New Year to you all! My Christmas was busy and exciting, just how I like it! My other half and I hosted Christmas for the first time this year – what a responsibility! We spent the big day with my other half’s parents and of course our puppy Louis, who enjoyed ripping the gift tags off the presents, making exchanging gifts pretty interesting! We bought his parents an alpaca wool duvet and they’re already raving about how wonderful it is. After Christmas we were joined by practically my entire family for a few more days of feasting and swapping gifts.

After a Christmas full of activity, I’d planned a quiet night in for New Year’s eve, with good food and a bottle of fizz shared with my other half. So, it was a brilliant surprise when he got down on one knee at midnight and popped the question! Yes, that’s right, we’re engaged! The perfect way to start the New Year!

So, have you made any resolutions for the New Year? Rather than the usual vow to exercise more / eat less (but end up scoffing a pizza in front of the telly half way through January!), how about resolving to spend more time in bed! Now that doesn’t sound so difficult, does it? According to sleep experts, good quality sleep improves our health, happiness, performance and looks. So, why not ditch the cabbage soup diet and expensive gym membership and sleep yourself into a healthier, happier new you instead?

As for my New Year’s resolution, well it’s to post a little more frequently on this blog. You can expect at least two new posts a month, so please pop back regularly to read my sleep-related musings.

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