Time for a change of alarm clock?

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while, and it feels good to finally share this little rant!

It is my other half who has the problem. But, as with most things, I end up sharing it! I’m talking about the alarm on his Nokia mobile phone. Aside from the fact that it forces us to get up when we’d rather stay in bed, it has the particularly unwelcome feature of displaying the time remaining before the alarm sounds.

So, every night, just as we’re ready to slip off into sleep, my other half sleepily sets his morning alarm and – bam! – he’s wide awake again because now he knows that he has only 7 hours 22 minutes (and counting) until it’s time to get up. Which, of course, he then kindly reports to me, along with a raft of expletives.

I agree; it is a bizarre and unpleasant feature that creates stress at bedtime. Knowing the limited time you have to sleep really does not help the mind to relax and switch off. Instead, you’re alerted to the fact that you really must fall asleep right now, which stimulates feelings of anxiety rather than calm.

Why anyone would want this tool is beyond me. So, Nokia, if you’re reading – please explain yourself!



  1. hahahaha this made me smile. I have a Nokia too and have the same problem. It’s like Nokia just wants to remind you that you really don’t get enough sleep. And like you said, it tells you that you have to fall asleep right now… which makes it impossible to do.

    Very recognizable story!

  2. Michael says:

    Apart from that one time after travelling that it reminded me to change the time zone back, it is pretty frustrating to see that you only have 6 hours left for sleep and counting.

    Though the alarm sounds much nicer than my old Sony Ericsson phone…

  3. I hate my nokia x3 for precisely this reason! And you have to set it every night so every night I get to read the dreaded time until I have to wake up. What are these people thinking setting up such functionality??!!!! Amy I think you should start a campaign to get nokia to re-design their alarm clock!!!

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