A Beautiful Mess

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! Here’s something to inspire you as you’re crunching your way through that bag of Mini eggs!

I just love this blog, A Beautiful Mess.

Written by Elsie, a designer and owner of a very cool boutique, Red Velvet, in Springfield, Missouri. A Beautiful Mess is – in her own words – a lifestyle blog focused on fashion, handmade and pretty things! Very pretty things in fact; so pretty you could spend hours poring over them when you should be working (….ahem!). Not only does Elsie run her boutique, design very pretty dresses and post daily updates on her blog, but she also writes e-courses, has a second wedding-themed blog, Le Wedding Party, is planning her own wedding, looks after a gorgeous pug named Suki and still finds the time to put together amazing outfits, take beautiful photographs and generally just be very cool. How does she do it all?

Well, it turns out that sleep plays a big role. In a recent post “on being a workaholic & still having a life…” she says:

“The second important lesson I’ve learned to keep myself cheerful (and sane) when working a LOT is steady sleep. I used to be really proud of my all night work sessions, but I was drained. These days I sleep eight hours every night and I’ve never been happier. I get more done when I’m awake and, most importantly, I feel human! If you’re a young entrepreneur, give yourself some sanity and go to sleep. Just trust me….♥”

So, there you have it! Enjoy great sleep and you too can be cool, creative and cute like Elsie….maybe in my dreams!

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