The Sleep Geek appears on TV!

Why is it that exciting stuff always happens when you’re on holiday? In this instance I very nearly missed a key moment in history – the Sleep Geek’s TV debut on BBC Look North, where he talked about the sleep workshops he’s been offering to students in Sheffield ahead of their exams. If it wasn’t for Sheffield United sacking Micky Adams – thereby bumping the Sleep Geek’s story until later in the week – I wouldn’t have seen it. If you did miss it, this article from the BBC website offers a summary – click here.

I have had lots of excitement of my own over the past two weeks or so; South America was just fabulous and almost immediately after my return, I repacked my bags and jumped on the Eurostar to Paris for a friend’s hen weekend! After spending this morning trying to get back on top of things – and deleting a crazy amount of SPAM – my energy is depleting fast. So, for now, here’s just a very brief insight into my trip:

4 countries – Brazil, Chile, Argentina and France

5 cities – Sao Paulo, Santiago, Mendoza, Buenos Aires and Paris

6 beds – Slaviero Executive Jardins (Sao Paulo), W Hotel (Santiago), Tierra Atacama Hotel and Spa (San Pedro de Atacama), Cavas Wine Lodge (Mendoza), Bo-Bo Hotel (Buenos Aires), Hotel Beauchamps (Paris)

7 flights, 2 train journeys

1 wedding – I lasted until 4am, Sao Paulo time!  – and 1 hen weekend

Too much wine!

Not enough sleep!

As you know, I really do love sleep, but sometimes life takes over and you just have to enjoy it! But at some point, it’s time to stop and catch up on the rest you’ve missed. And, now, that time has come. It’s time for a long restful nap with my gorgeous pup, Louis, who I have missed so much.

I’ll post again once I resurface!

Sweet dreams x

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