How to boost your happiness tonight

Did you know that one extra hour of sleep each night could make you happier than getting a pay rise?

A University of Michigan study found that making $60,000 more in annual income has less of an effect on your daily happiness than getting one extra hour of sleep a night. Wow!

Looks like I had a great night’s sleep last night – check out my big cheesy grin, above! : )

Happy snoozing x


  1. Now there’s a timely piece of advice! I have been burning the candle later and later: time to rein back, I think.

  2. This is a wonderful artice, so I would say thank you first. It has been a few months since I enjoyed a article so much! You got me excited and I just want to chip in a few things. What I want to add on this topic is: Really, in my view fat loss actually boils down to 3 things – eat, exercise, sleep well. In summary, always eat right, sleep tight and exercise well.

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