Funny little sleep habits

Inspired by Ilene Kleinbaum’s article in The Huffington Post earlier this week “The Great Wake-Up Program: What Helps You Fall Asleep?”, I thought I’d share one of my idiosyncrasies for falling soundly asleep.

Before that, though, I’ll share my other half’s!

My other half will not even consider climbing into bed at night unless it is properly made. Once made (even if he has to make it seconds before climbing in), he will carefully slip himself under the covers, so as not to untuck the sheet from the sides of the bed.

I, meanwhile, hate to sleep enclosed in an envelope of covers. It’s far too constraining for me.

The first thing I do at bedtime is tear the sheets out from under the sides of the mattress, allowing me space to spread out and dangle my feet off the mattress edge, should I wish. I just couldn’t sleep any other way.

So, what about you? What are your sleep preferences?

Amy x


  1. Mary Joannidis says:

    Hi Amy: Well I guess I have a bit of both….I cannot get into an unmade bed at night. Its just upsetting to me. I find a made bed is calming to look out and very inviting as opposed to an umade one…but I also need to feel free once in….I cannot be restricted and feel I can’t move easily…that makes me nuts…so neatly made yet loose enough…..Mary

  2. I hate an unmade bed, how can anyone sleep in an unmade bed??!!! I used to have a housemate at uni who always took a glass of water to bed with him without fail. I don’t think he ever drunk it and he never brought the glasses downstairs so every fortnight we would have to clear out his room and bring down 14 glasses so we could re-stock the kitchen!!! I guess the glass of water was kind of his comfort blanket.

  3. Oh my the thought of having the sheets tucked in and restricting my movement is enough to give me a panic attack……

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