I’m Amy. I’m originally from Yorkshire, now living in the Essex countryside with my boyfriend and french bulldog, Louis.  In 2009 I left my job as an employment lawyer, spent six months travelling with my other half, and came back wanting to try something new… So, in January 2010 I started working for sleep specialist website, We Love Sleep founded by my friend James Wilson (the Sleep Geek).

I’ve always loved sleeping – is there anything better than climbing into a freshly made bed and snuggling under the covers? However, only recently have I discovered the importance and many benefits of sleep. According to sleep experts, good quality sleep – take a deep breath! – improves our health, relieves stress, boosts mood and energy levels, increases memory, improves concentration, coordination and reaction times, slows down the ageing process, enhances the appearance of our skin and makes us slimmer! Not only that, but it’s free!

Getting enough quality sleep is not always easy, however. Longer hours at work and busy modern life often mean that our sleep (and ultimately our health, happiness, appearance and performance) suffers. So, in a bid to sleep myself into an all round healthier, happier and better person, I will be testing out old wives tales, sleep experts’ tips and theories and sleep-related products and writing about my experiences and findings. Join me in my pursuit of wonderful sleep!

* Please note that, whilst I make every effort to ensure my blogging is accurate, my tips, theories, views and findings are not intended to replace medical advice and I would recommend anyone with persistent sleep-related problems to visit their GP.

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