My Sleep Stuff

There are a lot of sleep products available today, many claiming to give you the best night’s sleep EVER! Using the right products is very important for ensuring comfortable and quality sleep – especially so if you suffer from neck or back pain or allergies – but it’s often difficult to pick out the really good ones.

With this in mind, here are the products I use to help me get great sleep:

The mattress: King size Calm open sprung anti-allergy mattress. Comfortable and big enough to give me and my other half space to spread out. Plus, I don’t have to worry about those pesky dust mites.

The duvet: Alpaca wool duvet. The alpaca’s wonderfully soft fleece is considered extremely precious because of its temperature regulating properties. This lovely, comfy duvet keeps me cosy in winter and it’s light enough to use during the summer too. It’s ideal for those who have better things to do than change duvets twice a year!

The pillow: Silk pillow. I love, love, love my silk pillow – it’s wonderfully comfortable and properly supports my head and neck as I sleep. It’s the perfect place to rest my weary head. (NB: I’ve just tested a brand new latex pillow and think it could be even more perfect – soft yet supportive and perfectly malleable – I actually can’t wait for mine to need replacing!)

When dark mornings make getting up a struggle: Lumie daylight alarm clock. I have the Bodyclock Classic, but all four models within the range offer the same unique feature – they wake you by emitting a powerful light that gently eases you from sleep, helping you to wake up feeling more alert, refreshed and ready to get on with your day.

When I’m hot and bothered: The Chillow. On hot, sticky nights, this cooling pad is my savior.

When temperatures drop: On freezing winter nights, I love nothing more than donning my comfortable, old, oversized cotton pjs and my cosy bed socks before jumping under the bed covers. I particularly love super-soft alpaca bed socks. The brilliant thing about alpaca fleece is that it has amazing temperature controlling capabilities, so it’s ideal for keeping your feet cosy – but not too hot or sweaty – on cold winter nights.

All products (save for my ancient pjs) are available from We Love Sleep and available to test at We Love Sleep’s NEW Sleep Solutions Centre in Sheffield, UK.

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