Sleeping well with a summer cold

Last week, I was asked by a journalist if We Love Sleep have a product that can help improve sleep if you have a summer cold. After a little thought, I realised that we do have something that might help and I happily emailed back with details of the Pure Light SAD/Winter Blues Light Bulb and Air Purifier in One – catchy name, eh?! For speed, I’ll call it the Pure Light from now on.

As you can see from the name, the Pure Light is actually two products in one. Firstly, a full spectrum light bulb that provides respite from the symptoms of seasonal adjustment disorder (SAD) and the winter blues. Second – and most relevant here – an air purifier, that can help to ease the symptoms of a cold as well as enhance sleep quality.

In brief, the Pure Light emits negative ions that clean the air, removing those things that can aggravate the respiratory system, such as smoke, dust, pollen and bacteria. The result is improved sleep quality, alertness, concentration, mood and sense of wellbeing.

I’ll be testing it the next time I’m suffering from a cold – so watch this space!

The Pure Light is priced from £9 and is available from We Love Sleep.

Amy x

Keeping cosy this winter

If you live in the UK, the chances are you’re wishing you were in Australia right now. And not just because of the Ashes, but because it’s sunny and warm and there isn’t a mound of snow in sight.

With the big freeze set to continue, unless you’re lucky enough to be jetting off to sunnier climes (flights permitting) in the near future, keeping warm and cosy is going to be your priority.

When already-freezing temperatures plunge further at night, it becomes all-important to ensure that you’ve got the right gear to keep you snug and sleeping soundly throughout the night. Being too cold in bed isn’t much fun and it can make it difficult to drop off to sleep and disturb your sleep by causing you to wake in the night. As someone who has tried, turning the heating up to full whack and piling on thick nightclothes isn’t the answer, as you’ll only wake in the night feeling overheated and dehydrated. The key to achieving the perfect sleeping temperature is selecting the right bedclothes and nightwear.

My winter bedtime kit includes an alpaca wool duvet, pjs and, most importantly, bed socks.

I have previously extolled the benefits of my alapca wool duvet, which I would recommend to anyone at any time of the year – you can read my review here. As for nightwear, I’m embarrassed to reveal that once the weather turns I retrieve a pair of oversized cotton pjs, that my parents bought me over 10 years ago, from the back of my wardrobe. They’re comfortable, nuff said.

My problem on freezing winter nights – and I’m sure I’m not alone here – has always been my icy-cold feet. Actually, I should say that my problem was my icy-cold feet. Because my problem was solved when my other-half bought me bed socks for Christmas a couple of years ago. Not the most obviously romantic Christmas gift, but incredibly thoughtful since he just knew that I’d love them. And I really do.

I cannot recommend bed socks enough. As well as keeping your toes cosy, they can actually help you to nod off. A study in Switzerland in 1999 found that warm feet most accurate foretold the onset of sleep.

Having had extensive use, my trusty bed socks are now looking a little tired themselves. So this year I’m dropping hints about a gorgeous alpaca wool pair in jade from We Love Sleep. The brilliant thing about alpaca fleece is that it has amazing temperature controlling capabilities, so it’s ideal for keeping your feet cosy – but not too hot or sweaty – on cold winter nights. It’s also super-soft. And, at only £12 a pair, they’re a snip compared to pricey cashmere – but just as luxurious.

So, my hot tip for beating the chill: invest in some bed socks!