Product review: JetRest travel pillow

Welcome to my sixth product review. Every few weeks I will be testing and reviewing a sleep-related product. This time it is the JetRest travel pillow

It’s taken me a while to write this review, the reason being that I’m not a huge fan of this product and it’s much more fun to write a glowing review than a gloomy one. Anyhoo, let’s get on…

JetRest claim that their travel pillow “cushions the head upright and avoids cricked-neck.  It uses the body’s own weight to keep it naturally in position simply by leaning back against the unique L-Shape and there is no need to lean against a window. The side part then cushions your head upright for a perfect flight’s sleep.”

Sounds great, but unfortunately the write up didn’t match my personal experience.

For starters, I found it impossible to position the pillow without leaning against something, and, even then, I wasn’t particularly comfortable.

Thinking it was just me, I roped in my other half to give it a go on his daily morning commute. At 7:47am he emailed me his review:

“45 minutes using the jet rest – no sleep and a sore neck; 15 minutes without: Woke up at liverpool street station dribbling”

Oh dear.

Having said this, I do know people who are huge advocates of the JetRest – so maybe me and my other half have funny necks, or something!

My other complaint is the size of the pillow – it’s hardly compact for travelling, even once it’s rolled up. Honestly, it’s not much smaller than your standard pillow (once folded), which would mostly likely be far more comfortable. (NB: For those of you who can’t bear to part with your pillow when you go on holiday, but want a more compact version for travelling, you could try following in my friend, Rob’s footsteps by purchasing your favourite pillow again and chopping it in half  – read more here).

I do have one positive comment, however. The pillow is covered in a lovely soft fleece fabric, which is far nicer than the scratchy material that inflatable travel pillows are often made from.

The JetRest is not for me. I’ll be sticking to my budget inflatable travel pillow for now – and asking nicely for an upgrade to business class!

Do you have a JetRest travel pillow? What do you think?