The Sleep Geek on the radio

A smiley sleep geek

Last Saturday We Love Sleep‘s founder and my mate, James Wilson (aka the Sleep Geek) joined Gill Gauntlett for an hour on her show, The Greenhouse, on BBC Three Counties radio. As well as helping callers with their sleep problems, James revealed how to find the perfect pillow, shared his tops tips for nodding off when you’re struggling to sleep and recommended a duvet for those who suffer from overheating in bed (the alpaca wool duvet, by the way).

If you missed the show, don’t worry……you can hear James share his sleep tips simply by clicking here. James speaks intermittently from 1pm – 2pm on The Greenhouse with Gill Gauntlett on Saturday 9 October 2010.


Musical pillows – are they singing you to sleep?

Looks like an angel but is she actually listening to swedish death metal?

A good friend has a sleep problem: Her husband! I should explain. It’s not her husband per se, but his habit of listening to the radio as he falls asleep. It’s a tricky conundrum: listening to the radio has been part of his bedtime routine for years, but my sleepy friend simply can’t get used to it.

Occasionally, my other half and I encounter a similar problem. Almost every night we’ll go to bed together. And almost every night we’ll spend maybe 10 – 30 minutes reading and listening to music in bed before going to sleep. It’s a nice little routine we’ve formulated – and it’s all as a result of this blog, so I’m taking all the credit for it! Every now and then, though, one of us wants to stay up later to read/listen to music, and in doing so prevents, or at least hinders, the other’s decent into dreamy sleep.

There may be a solution. Lately, I’ve been hearing more and more about musical pillows – basically, pillows with an integrated speaker and headphone jack for plugging into your iPod or radio – that play your music just for you. So, you can drift off to sleep listening to your favourite tracks through your pillow, without disturbing your bed-mate. It’s a clever idea, although I’m not sure if I’m prepared to give up my super-soft silk pillow….

If you’ve got a musical pillow, I’d love to hear your thoughts – do you like it? Does it help you to fall asleep? Is it comfortable?