Product review: JetRest travel pillow

Welcome to my sixth product review. Every few weeks I will be testing and reviewing a sleep-related product. This time it is the JetRest travel pillow

It’s taken me a while to write this review, the reason being that I’m not a huge fan of this product and it’s much more fun to write a glowing review than a gloomy one. Anyhoo, let’s get on…

JetRest claim that their travel pillow “cushions the head upright and avoids cricked-neck.  It uses the body’s own weight to keep it naturally in position simply by leaning back against the unique L-Shape and there is no need to lean against a window. The side part then cushions your head upright for a perfect flight’s sleep.”

Sounds great, but unfortunately the write up didn’t match my personal experience.

For starters, I found it impossible to position the pillow without leaning against something, and, even then, I wasn’t particularly comfortable.

Thinking it was just me, I roped in my other half to give it a go on his daily morning commute. At 7:47am he emailed me his review:

“45 minutes using the jet rest – no sleep and a sore neck; 15 minutes without: Woke up at liverpool street station dribbling”

Oh dear.

Having said this, I do know people who are huge advocates of the JetRest – so maybe me and my other half have funny necks, or something!

My other complaint is the size of the pillow – it’s hardly compact for travelling, even once it’s rolled up. Honestly, it’s not much smaller than your standard pillow (once folded), which would mostly likely be far more comfortable. (NB: For those of you who can’t bear to part with your pillow when you go on holiday, but want a more compact version for travelling, you could try following in my friend, Rob’s footsteps by purchasing your favourite pillow again and chopping it in half  – read more here).

I do have one positive comment, however. The pillow is covered in a lovely soft fleece fabric, which is far nicer than the scratchy material that inflatable travel pillows are often made from.

The JetRest is not for me. I’ll be sticking to my budget inflatable travel pillow for now – and asking nicely for an upgrade to business class!

Do you have a JetRest travel pillow? What do you think?

South America here I come!

I’m very excited! Tomorrow I’m jetting off to Sao Paulo with my other half for a two week holiday in Brazil, Chile and Argentina. Even more exciting than that: the fun begins with a friend’s fabulous (I’m hoping!) wedding in Sao Paulo!

With the church ceremony taking place at 8:30pm – yes, you read that right! – and the reception at a club, I’m anticipating that it’s going to be a late one! Not that I mind – but of course I want to ensure that I stay awake and lively for the duration. After all, it’s not every day that I get to go to a Brazilian wedding!

The trouble is that 8:30pm in Sao Paulo is actually 12:30am in the UK. And my usual bedtime is normally around 10pm! Yikes! I need to plan my time well to make sure that I’m on top form for the big day! My plan is as follows:

  • Today: I’m planning on eating my evening meal later and going to bed a couple of hours later, to make them closer to eating / sleeping times in Sao Paulo.
  • Tomorrow (Thursday): A lie-in! I’ll be getting up later, so it’ll be easier to go to sleep later tomorrow evening. My flight leaves at 9:50pm, so I’ll watch at least one film on the plane before nodding off. I’ll then try to sleep for the remainder of the flight.
  • Friday: Land at 5:20am Sao Paulo time. We have a pre-wedding dinner that evening so this should keep me awake later and help my body to adjust to the new local time.
  • Saturday: The big day! Enjoy a lie-in and spend the day beautifying myself so I’m feeling great for the big paaaarrty!

Simple, right?

The really tricky bit will be getting a good night’s sleep on the plane since we all know that sitting up, with nowhere to rest your head, and no room to stretch out, is hardly an ideal sleeping position. I’ll certainly be following the Sleep Geek’s top travel tips, which really helped on my last overnight flight to Dubai. I am also lucky enough to be testing this travel pillow, kindly sent to me by the Sleep Geek for my 11 and a half hour flight:

The manufacturer says that this travel pillow encourages sleep in the most natural, comfortable position and that the L-shaped design minimises neck ache. Sounds pretty good!

I’ll be blogging my review on my return, so watch this space.

Amy x

Love your pillow? Here’s a travel tip just for you…

The precious pillow - soon to be mutilated!

How much do you love your pillow? As much as my friend, Rob, I wonder.

As a self-confessed snow-chaser, Rob spends December to May each year searching for the best powder across Europe and Canada. Despite a full-time job, he still manages to rack up an impressive number of days skiing and travelling each year. Which means countless nights away from his favourite pillow.

The prized pillow is a memory foam contour pillow; he’d love to travel with it but it’s bulky and not easily squeezed into his ski bag. But Rob has a clever solution – purchase a second pillow and halve its size by cutting it in half! Ta-dah, problem solved!

If you’re a ski-junkie you’ll love reading about Rob’s skiing adventures (with his pillow!) on his blog And even if you’re not, you can’t fail to be impressed by Rob’s stunning photography – click here to be amazed!

Feeling hot, hot, hot…

It’s hot in Dubai, really hot! Today I’ve been sunbathing (well, sitting in the shade wearing factor 50 sun block – does that count?) in 40°C! I don’t think I’ve ever felt so hot and sticky; like Britain’s Eurovision chances i’m fading fast…. But before you dismiss me as a typical Brit, always complaining about the weather, and stop reading this post, hear me out….

I’m not here to write about the weather; I’m here to write about sleep, and how to get more top quality sleep. But you can’t deny that the outside temperature and sleep quality are often linked. I only have think back to about a week ago, when temperatures in the UK soared and I spent three sweaty nights struggling to sleep.

Despite the enduring heat and humidity, I have slept wonderfully here, thanks to the very clever man who invented air conditioning – Willis Haviland Carrier just in case you were wondering. Air conditioning is an extravagance though, especially if you live in a country with a varied climate like me, where the hot, humid days are greatly outnumbered by cool rainy ones. But, oh how I wish I could justify the expense on those hot, sweaty, sleepless nights.

The Sleep Geek has promised to share his top tips for sleeping on sticky summer nights very soon. In the meantime, here’s a little tip that usually works for me when I’m feeling too hot and struggling to sleep:

Generously apply a cooling moisturiser, such as an aftersun lotion, to cool and soothe hot skin. For an extra cooling experience, try keeping your favourite moisturiser in the fridge.

5 simple tips for sleeping on the move

Greetings from sunny Dubai! I’m here with my other half to catch up with friends who are lucky enough to live here, in the jewel of the Middle East, and for a few days of R&R.

We arrived on the night flight, leaving London at 10pm and arriving at around 7:30am Dubai-time.  Determined not to spoil plans made with friends for the day of our arrival through tiredness and lethargy, I was eager to get some quality shut-eye on the plane. Often easier said than done, I know. With light, noise and being too hot or cold – not to mention the near-impossible task of finding a comfortable sleeping position in cattle class – dropping off to sleep can be rather tricky. And that’s an understatement. Thankfully I had the foresight to tap up the Sleep Geek for his top travel sleep tips before jetting off.

On the plane, I reluctantly snubbed the wide selection of films on offer (despite counting at least six on my Love Film list) and followed the Sleep Geek’s advice religiously. And, you know what? I slept for most of the journey. Admittedly, it wasn’t the best sleep I’ve ever had, but I slept for a good four or five hours out of the six and a half hour journey. Not bad at all.

So, what are the Sleep Geek’s tips? Well, they’re surprising simple, actually. Give them a go on your next journey and let me know how you get on:

  • Travel in comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, ideally made of a natural fabric that can breathe, such as cotton. Take extra clothing and/or a blanket with you to snuggle up in if you feel cold. This is an important one for me as I feel the cold really easily.
  • Take an eye mask with you to make your sleeping environment as dark as possible. Light can prevent you from sleeping and can disturb otherwise restful sleep.
  • If you find it difficult to relax enough to sleep whilst travelling, try the Glo to Sleep eye mask to help clear a racing mind. Read my review, here.
  • Take ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones with you to block out disturbing noises. My ear plugs were invaluable, particularly when the baby two rows behind started bawling.
  • Take a travel pillow with you to help you find a more comfortable sleeping position and avoid waking with a stiff neck.